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Solutions for Hospitality Champions!

Let's concentrate on increased sales, higher profits, effective teams, better cash flow, and more tranquility overall.

We have more than 30 years of experience in the tourism industry. Our wealth of experience across the tourism industry has enabled us to offer a unique and tailored approach that helps businesses reach their goals. From small startups to larger corporations, we work with business owners who trust our expertise in understanding their business needs (within the hospitality sector), no matter which specific sector they serve. Through assisting entrepreneurs in setting up a successful venture, building dependable teams, and optimizing resources available for growth, let our professional team help you take your enterprise even further. Book an appointment today!

Corporate Values

Our team embodies the values espoused by our Founding Fathers – treating all of our partners as if they were family. We seek to revolutionize progress and prosperity, making sure that everyone involved in a project is respected for their contributions. Furthermore, we conduct ourselves with fairness and integrity so trust can be built between parties while also minimizing any impact on nature or the environment around us. All of these qualities bring together one cohesive business model: respect people’s investments; add value through time & money spent; always strive for absolute honesty -all this contributing towards an atmosphere characterized by goodwill and positive energy!

Corporate Vision

Our goal is to ensure that your organization prospers through a modern and humanistic approach. We strive for success in the achievement of business objectives, genuine customer satisfaction, and employee wellbeing with professional integrity as our guiding principle - all while aiming to become the premier leader in our sector.

Mission Statement:

We are committed to providing innovative and effective strategies for differentiating your services, so you get the most out of your investment. We also prioritize our staff's wellbeing by creating an equitable, comfortable work environment that will keep them motivated and productive.

ConSer is not just another consulting company.

We aim to add value to your business.

Whether hotels, rental apartments, or catering businesses, they can rely on ConSer for their online presentation and more.

Our experienced team will guide them through the advertising processes (website, blog, social media, etc.), represent them to online agencies for their contracts, and negotiate contracts with tour operators.

Find out how we can help you by offering valuable services and solutions.


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